about liz

I’m Liz. My friends call me . . . well, Liz. And yes, its my real name!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve lived head over heels in love with the beautiful things in life. Growing up an only child and the daughter of a single mom, I had plenty of time to dream a little dream (and lots of big ones, too!) As a kid you’d always catch me playing the piano, singing a song, doing impressions, dancing, or doing anything outright artistic. To this day, I live in love with the simple, beautiful things — an amazing song. A thought-provoking movie. Laughter. Innocence. Love…it all inspires passion in me.

An image, to me, is worth so much more than a thousand words. It’s a single moment that is never, ever going to happen the exact same way ever again. Not only is an image made beautiful by the subject or the setting, but by the mere fact that the moment can never be duplicated.

This began started as a passion project. I’m eager to photograph it all and share it with the world. Besides photography, there are a few other tidbits that rock my world…

• I am lucky to love and share my crazy life with my amazing boyfriend, Jorge.

• I’m highly addicted to television, film, and theatre – so much so I co-founded and serve as the creative director for a small film production company with Jorge and our best friends Emily & Steven.

• I’m absolutely obsessed with Adele.

• I also love Maroon 5, Michael Bublé, John Mayer, and Sara Barielles.

• I’m a HUGE Miami Heat fan (and I’m a total hipster about it. . . loved them pre-Lebron!)

• I’d like to think I’m a foodie, especially when in New York, and love a good Prosecco!

• I am completely enamored with Old Hollywood, the 1960s, royalty, and The Kennedy’s.

• I live in love with New York City and everything about it.

• Apple anything. I cant imagine my life without my iPhone.

• The best time spent is with friends & family doing pretty much anything!


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